Master of Public Policy

Reasons to Choose Duke

The Sanford School of Public Policy’s two-year, professional Master of Public Policy (MPP) program prepares students for careers as analysts, managers and leaders in various levels of government, nonprofit organizations and corporations in domestic and international locations.

Students considering master's degree programs should be aware of the differences between the MPP and the Master of Public Administration. An MPA core curriculum often emphasizes management and explores public organizations and budgeting, while our MPP program has policy analysis at the heart of its curriculum and includes economics and quantitative courses. The Sanford School emphasizes training in the tools and methods of rigorous policy analysis.

The Sanford School sprang from the vision and leadership of its founder, Terry Sanford, who believed a powerful measure of any great university is its capacity to make its research relevant to real-world problems. In 1971, with the help of Professor Joel Fleishman, Sanford launched Duke’s public policy program, aimed at educating a new kind of pragmatic, ethical leader.

Four decades later, our public policy program continues to grow in remarkable ways. At the Sanford School, you’ll find mentors and peers who will challenge you to reach your highest potential.

Duke University is located in Durham, NC, a vibrant, diverse and progressive city. Among Durham's recent accolades: