Graduate Degree Programs

Master of Public Policy Program (MPP)
The two-year professional MPP program prepares students for leadership roles in various levels of government, non-profit organizations and with corporations both in domestic and international locations.  Dual-degrees with Duke or UNC are available in law (JD), business (MBA); and Duke environment (MEM).  A dual-degree in medicine (MD) is available with Duke's Medical program.  The MPP program requires full-time enrollment and most students possess two to six years of post-undergraduate work experience prior to application.

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Public Policy PhD Program (PhD)
The Duke PhD in Public Policy is a research-focused, five-year degree program that prepares students for academic positions in public policy, public administration or policy-oriented schools or for high-level professional positions in domestic and international public agencies, research organizations and policy consulting firms.

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Master of International Development Policy (MIDP)*
The Master of International Development Policy is a unique interdisciplinary program dedicated to the training of mid-career professionals who plan to dedicate their careers to policy-making and public service in and for developing and transition countries.

*Until July 1, 2009, the Master of International Development Policy was known as the Master of Arts Program in International Development Policy (PIDP).

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Emily Grenzke MPP '07

"What I love most about Durham is that the community has a really authentic desire to address social problems... I think it’s rare that you see such a community-based drive to do better. Also, I love the arts community here. It’s got such a funky, activist vibe."

Emily Grenzke MPP '07